Aelfthryth Gittings 1939-2012

Education and Schools

SCPR 1978-2000

1973: Aunt Sally at William Tyndale summer fete

   Aelfthryth was committed  passionately to state education and the comprehensive system which was general in the 1970s and '80s, particularly in London under the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA).
Our four children between them went to William Tyndale Infant and Junior Schools, Laycock Primary School, Islington Green Comprehensive and Pimlico Comprehensive. Aelfthryth was a manager at William Tyndale (1973-76), a governor at Laycock (1989-2000), and was active on the parent's committee supporting the Special Music Course at Pimlico. She was also a volunteer in the 1970s, with her friend Veronica Linklater, at the Pentonville Wives and Families Centre which looked after families visiting the prison. Aelfthryth's commitment to progressive education did not however blind her to defects in the system as her family encountered them, and one head-teacher described her as "more than usually committed" to the education of her own children. In the case of William Tyndale Junior School, Aelfthryth was one of a small number of managers who became very concerned at developments there, and this is discussed further in the link below.

1974: Pentonville Wives and Families Centre