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Dying from it: The disease is already an epidemic Phnom Penh 1998

Phnom Penh
The Guardian, August 04, 2000
The factory girls from the Cambodian countryside line up for the needle, chivvied by Chinese supervisors. Half-crying and half-laughing, they are inoculated against tetanus by teams from Unicef, operating at speed. Two thousand workers, disposed of in an hour and a half, file back to the vast workshop to produce garments - "ladies bottoms" - for the US market.
Phnom Penh
The Guardian, August 15, 2000
The refuge run by the Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC) is tucked away down a small dirt lane in Phnom Penh, past houses on stilts with hammocks slung beneath. There is no sign on the high metal gate. "The brothel owners don't know we are here," explains a staff worker. "It's not like at our office. They know where that is and sometimes they turn up with guns."
Siem Reap
The Guardian, August 07, 2001
There is a sound of chanting at the gate of Ta Som temple: workers are carrying out a heavy figure on two crossed poles. It is neither a corpse nor a tourist to Angkor who has slipped on the ruins. It is a 12th century Buddha with folded hands, meditating on the coils of a naga - a cobra whose several heads protect him from the sun and rain.

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