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The Guardian, August 16, 2000
North and South Korea were yesterday engulfed in an emotional national reunion as two groups of divided relatives met after 50 years apart. But there was more grief than joy as hundreds of fathers and daughters, sons and mothers, brothers and sisters - even husbands and wives - relived the agonies of separation.
The Guardian, August 17, 2000
The North Korean poet Oh Yong-jae knew he would not meet his mother yesterday, but that did not diminish the pain. Mr Oh's two younger brothers were there to welcome him in his hotel room on the second day. They brought him watches and clothes to take back to the poverty-stricken North.
The Guardian, May 03, 2001
From the upper floors of the hotel, the city spreads out as a series of dark patches between apartment blocks. Not a single street lamp can be seen. The neon signs of a dozen restaurants shine along Changgwang Street, but the doors are locked and fairy lights flicker eerily over the empty tables. Like the term itself, the People's Paradise has fallen into disuse.
The Guardian, May 11, 2001
The English lesson at Morambong middle school is impressive: 12-year-olds can already answer basic questions and read simple fables from Hans Christian Andersen. Yet as well as the Ant and the Grasshopper, the book they are using has some material less usually found in these days in texts used abroad for teaching English. Paul, the students from Morambong district are learning, was a "negro boy" in America. Riding on his bike, he had the temerity to call out to a woman in danger of being knocked down.

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