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Exhibition of photos on Three Gorges resettlement, Chongqing city


The Guardian, June 11, 2002

China's environment is high on the government agenda these days: no one hides the problems caused by fewer forests, more deserts and many mistakes in past years. Outside government, more Chinese green groups are emerging in the provinces to challenge local authorities used to having their own way. They are "exploring the boundaries of advocacy".



Fuling, Sichuan province

The Guardian, June 25, 2002

The road up the hillside overlooking the Yangtze river at Fuling is a broad sheet of sticky mud. Battered trucks piled with earth and rock slither down, passing a file of blue-smocked workers with tools on their shoulders. The great rush is on to meet next year's June deadline when the vast reservoir of the Three Gorges Dam, 300 miles downstream from Fuling, begins to fill.



Xiangjiaba, Yunnan province

The Guardian, May 30, 2003

As the huge reservoir behind China's controversial Three Gorges dam begins to fill up this weekend, an urgent rescue operation is being launched further upstream to save the dam from being choked by silt. The final go-ahead has been given for a new generation of four dams which are supposed to trap the silt on the Yangtze river's longest tributary, the Jinsha (Golden Sands) river. The scheme has been almost completely ignored so far in China and abroad.