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Selected articles on Indonesia

Indonesia 1965 People's Tribunal: Judges' Statement, November 2015.

An enquiry into the large-scale massacres and anti-Left pogrom of 1965-66 which enabled General Suharto to gain power, while the US and Britain turned a blind eye. 
The Indonesian dictator whose 30-year rule was built on ruthless repression, cronyism and manipulation of the world's rival superpowers
The Guardian, 23 October 1999
In the muddy street of a city slum next to Jakarta harbour, people have no doubt what they want from Indonesia's new president. We want prices to go down," says Rasdullah, a pedicab driver who has sent his family away from this desperately poor kampung (urban village).
The Guardian, 11 October 1999
The dusty Kompak hardware store in Jakarta's popular shopping street of Pasar Baru has several puzzling features. The owner who emerges from its dark interior among a few cooking stoves and rattan mats is a Mr Hartanus - but he looks distinctly Chinese

The Black Hole of Bali The Guardian, 8-9 September 1990